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ADHD & ADD Counseling in
Sugar Land, TX

Specializing in teen & young adult counseling, we have an effective ADHD or ADD therapeutic approach for you!

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Questions Parents of ADHD Teens & Young Adults Ask


  • Are there effective therapy approaches for ADHD that do not involve medication?

  • What impact will ADHD have on my teen or young adult's transition into adulthood?

  • How do I balance support and understanding with appropriate discipline?

  • They are so smart, what can I do to help them to perform in school up to their potential?

  • Will they ever be able to manage their impulsiveness in order to keep and maintain friendships? What about other relationships as they get older? 


These are but a few of the questions and concerns parents of teens with ADHD and young adults with ADHD have. ADHD can be so confusing as the answers are so simple to those without ADHD:

  • Time management,

  • Planning ahead,

  • Follow instructions,

  • Completing tasks,

  • Maintain focus,

  • Listen to understand, and more.

All these things are so simple, in fact, they become second nature to many of us without ADHD. It seems so common sense so why do those with ADHD struggle with these things? Especially when it creates so many relationships, academic, and emotional problems.

Teenagers and young adults with ADHD want to do well too. They don't like the negative attention that ADHD brings them. And they want to be widely successful in life, but they know they have a challenge that impacts their ability to do so. 

People want to be happy and successful. When they aren't, it may be because they haven't yet learned the tools and skills required for happiness and success. This is where we come in.

At Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling, we understand ADHD. Specializing in teen therapy and young adult therapy, we have worked with many teens and young adults with ADHD. There are various effective approaches supported by research that can help your teen or young adult.


And we value the support we are able to provide their parents too. Understanding ADHD, how the brain is wired differently, and ways to be able to support their child who has ADHD has been very beneficial for the parents we work with. 

Begin today to leave the impact of ADHD in the past. We have helped others with ADHD and we are here for you!

ADHD in Teenagers & Youn Adults: Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling Perspective


Many of the teenagers and young adults we work with who have ADHD are very bright, capable, and talented people. It's in there. It's just that ADHD limits their ability to access it. 

Once we are able to effectively address the ADHD, you get to see the innate talents your child holds come to the surface. It's an exciting thing to see and be a part of -- watching as a teenager or young adult live to their full potential!

The signs and severity differ from person to person. But what we have experienced is when the teen or young adult and the parents are committed to tackling ADHD, more times than not people improve. 


We want to help you improve without the use of ADHD stimulant or non-stimulant medication. And we have approaches for that. 


And if medication is a part of your ADHD journey, we want to give you the skills and tools necessary to someday be able to decrease or eliminate the need for medication. 

For parents, ADHD is often easy to identify if the signs are moderate to severe. Sometimes when they are not moderate or severe, the signs can be more subtle but no less impactful.

A teenage boy with red headphones on with a mic, one hand on the keyboard, another on a mouse, a bookshelf in the background with binders and a bike in the background. The teenage boy has his eyes closed, mouth open, and looks distressed. This represents the need for neurofeedback for ADHD sugar land, tx and neurofeedback therapy for adhd sugar land, tx 77478. This also represents the need for ADHD counseling sugar land, tx and counseling for ADHD sugar land, tx 77478.

Signs of ADHD


Signs of ADHD are broken down into three categories:

  • Signs of Inattention

  • Sings of Hyperactivity/Impulsivity

  • Emotional and Behavioral

For it to be ADHD, these signs should be prevalent in the teen or young adult's life and impact the teenager or young adult's ability to succeed. 

Below are the signs of ADHD for teens and young adults:

Signs of Inattention in ADHD

  • Difficulty remaining focused,

  • Difficulty in following through with instructions and completing tasks, 

  • Forgetting to do things that people ask of them,

  • Frequently losing things or forgetting where they left something,

  • Easily distracted by external things like other people, sounds, things they see, and other things,

  • Making careless mistakes or in schoolwork or other tasks,

  • Struggling to get or stay organized,

  • Having a strong dislike and even avoiding things that may require sustained mental attention. 

Signs of Hyperactivity/Impulsivity in ADHD

  • Struggles to remain still and finds themselves getting out of their seat, pacing, bouncing their leg, etc,

  • Difficulty in waiting their turn in conversations with others and will often interrupt,

  • Participates in high-risk behaviors without thinking about the potential outcomes or consequences,

  • Fidgety and likes to have things in their hands to play with,

  • Excessive talking and/or blurting out the answers before the questions can be fully asked,

  • Impatient and impulsively without considering the outcomes.

Emotional & Behavioral Signs of ADHD 

  • Low frustration tolerance and difficulties managing strong emotions including anger,

  • Impairment in their executive functioning which can lead to poor planning and decision making,

  • Due to ADHD and the negative outcomes and attention, teens and young adults may experience low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy,

  • Emotional instability and mood swings,

  • Difficulty with being on time to things and time management (time blindness).

ADHD & Teen Depression, Young Adult Anxiety, & Substance Abuse

Teen and young adult depression and anxiety often accompany ADHD. This could be due to genetic factors but often it's due to the negative outcomes emotionally, socially, academically, and relationally. 

It is estimated that about 30% of people with ADHD will also have depression. And about 50% of people with ADHD will develop an anxiety disorder. 

In regard to substance abuse and ADHD, there are a combination of factors that contribute to teens and young adults with ADHD developing a substance abuse problem:

  • Impulsivity and risk-taking behaviors without thinking about the consequences.

  • The increased rate of depression among teens and young adults with ADHD and their attempts to escape depressive symptoms.

  • The increased rate of anxiety among teens and young adults with ADHD and their attempts to function without symptoms of anxiety.

These alone could put someone with ADHD at risk of substance abuse. Put together we can see why there is such a higher rate among teens and young adults with ADHD who go on to abuse substances.

The good news is that the earlier you catch ADHD in teens and ADHD in young adults and get the help, the less likely they are to develop a substance abuse problem. 

What About ADD? Where Did That GO?


In 2013, the mental health professionals who determine criteria for various diagnoses made the determination to do away with the diagnosis of ADD. Does this mean there aren't any teens or young adults with ADD?

We see teenagers and young adults who do not have the hyperactive or impulsive traits of ADHD. Yet they have the inattentive signs and find it incredibly difficult to focus, concentrate, complete tasks, etc. 

If your teen or young adult does not fit into the category of ADHD as they do not have the hyperactivity or impulsive signs, they may fall into the ADD category.


While the mental health professionals decided that this was no longer a thing, our work with teens and young adults show that ADD is still alive and well!

Effective Therapeutic Approaches for ADHD at Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling


As a counselor for teens and therapists for young adults, we have helped other teens and young adults learn to manage and overcome the effects of ADHD in their lives.


While it may seem difficult and sometimes impossible to think about, we can provide the support, guidance, and skills needed to allow you to utilize the talents and gifts you have but ADHD has kept back from you.

Our counselors who specialize in teen counseling and young adult counseling provide a wide range of counseling approaches to treat ADHD. There are no one size fits all approaches when it comes to helping teens and young adults overcome ADHD. 


The counselors at Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling use those approaches that are supported by research and shown to be effective. Some of these approaches include:



These approaches have been helpful in helping the teens and young adults who come to Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling. They have helped others and they can help you too!

While we work to avoid the use of medication, if the need is there, we do have psychiatrists we work with who we can refer you to upon request. 

A Hispanic teenage girl with a sweater tied around her neck holding a clip board, looking at a clip board a woman sitting across from her is holding and the woman is looking at the girl. This represents the need for teen anxiety therapist sugar land, tx and therapy for teen anxiety in sugar land texas 77478. This represents the need for counseling for ADHD sugar land, tx and ADHD cousenling sugar land, tx 77478. This also represents the need for therapy for ADHD sugar land, tx and ADHD therapy sugar land, tx 77478.

Begin Counseling for ADHD Today:
Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling

Sometimes people don't start counseling for ADHD because they've been there before with less than positive results. As our counselors specialize in teen therapy and young adult therapy, they work regularly with teens and young adults who have ADHD. Don't' wait. Start today!


Our Sugar Land, TX office of Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling, is conveniently located off of US 90 and Dairy Ashford Road in Sugar Land, Texas.

We also have a Katy, Texas location. Katy Teen & Family Counseling is just off of I-10 and south on 99.

If you are ready to remove the barrier of ADHD in your life so you can access your natural gifts and talents, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling.

  2. Talk with one of our teen counselors or young adult therapists.

  3. Start today to learn to overcome these challenges.

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